Love at all ages….

While most will know Bonnie Raitt as a talented musician, songstress, composer and multiple award winning artist, she is also a keen yogini and has been known to pop into  yoga classes in Northern California….But I’m noting her here not just because she is a graceful yogini still at the top of her game at 63 but to give a shout out to the  octogenarians in her video, my parents, yogis in spirit if not in practice. How you may wonder could my parents, not in the entertainment or music worlds, be connected to Bonnie Raitt? Raitt released her single and music video last year of Right Down the Line, a song that celebrates love between couples — couples of all ages, races, and sexual orientation. The elderly couple in her video are none other than Mary and Ed! Check ’em out! You have to stay attentive as they just flash on the screen a couple times at :45, 2:49 and 3:42…

With inside knowledge, I know that when they received the call from a friend of ours who is the entertainment business, my folks did not know who Bonnie Raitt was, had never watched a music video and did not have a clear idea of what this “gig” would entail; they did not know what to expect. But, they said yes. I love that state of being open to possibility for new experiences, a bit of adventure at any age…..Go Mom and Dad.

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4 Responses to Love at all ages….

  1. pfelix7 says:

    Once, my mat was next to Bonnie Rait’s in a yoga class. She goes to Yogaworks Mill Valley on a regular basis (or at least did a few years ago when this happened). I wasn’t sure if it was her until I asked the teacher later. Bonnie was (is?) a class regular. Peggy CS5711

  2. windsorg says:

    Bonnie Raitt is the correct spelling of her name!
    cs5711 Windsor

  3. tammy5413 says:

    Thank you for the post on Bonnie Raitt. She is the Queen of blues. Her voice gives you special feeling that stays with you for long time. CS57.11

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